Life decision

On Friday, October 16th at around 5:30pm, I decided that I wanted to attend some School of Education for grad school. I can’t believe it had never occurred to me that that was an option, but now that I think about it, the decision couldn’t be more obvious.

Last week was pretty rough for me, not because of school work, but because of life in general. I went through my classes routinely, and they were fine. However, it wasn’t until I went to my education class–we only met once this week, but we normally meet twice–that I completely forgot about my life’s worries. It was an incredible feeling. My classmates and I were designing our ideal school, taking into consideration everything from building design to professional development to graduation requirements. I often tell my friends that being in my education class doesn’t even feel like going to class. I would choose to spend my time doing those activities even if I didn’t have to. So yeah. I sort of love my education class 🙂

Anyway, the event that actually triggered my epiphany was working on Code It curriculum. I spend my Friday nights making lesson plans for the following afternoon, and although some people wouldn’t consider that their ideal Friday night, I happen to love developing curriculum. My high point of the past week was without a doubt going over the questions my students had from last week, looking through potential Scratch projects, and coming up with creative ways to teach the new material. While I was browsing different Scratch teaching resources, I came across Creative Computing and happened to notice the URL. I saw that Creative Computing was affiliated with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and then I thought to myself… huh, wouldn’t that be awesome if I could continue learning about education even after my intro to education classes? YEAH. Of course that would be awesome.

And that, my friends, is how I made my latest, greatest life decision.

2 thoughts on “Life decision

  1. This is so cool, Kelsey!! I’m so happy that you’ve found your “passion” in education–it must be an amazing feeling to love teaching so much, and to feel so happy and certain about such a major life decision.
    And all your posts are so insightful and well-written. I can’t wait to see how your education journey continues 🙂

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