Safe arrival in Jerusalem

The beginning of a month-long adventure in Jerusalem and Nazareth!

MEET - January 2017


After a full day of traveling, Shankha and I finally made it to our apartment in Jerusalem! Even though we haven’t spent a full day here yet, I’ve already noticed a few cultural differences since boarding my plane to Tel Aviv.

The first thing that struck me on my flight from San Francisco to Tel Aviv was how friendly the passengers were with each other. I’ll admit that whenever I board an airplane, I always wonder who the person sitting next to me will be and whether or not we’ll have an interesting conversation. More often that not, we don’t speak a word to each other besides excusing ourselves to go to the bathroom. However, on my Tel Aviv flight, I noticed several strangers striking up friendly conversations with each other. They were speaking in Hebrew, so I had no idea what they were talking about, though I did pick up the words 

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