Attention aux pickpockets

How do I manage to get myself into these situations…

MEET - January 2017

No, I did not photograph the anti-pickpocket graffiti. In fact, I am sorry to report that I will not be sharing any of the photos I took today. It’s a shame because there were some awesome photos in today’s batch.

Now, the reason why I won’t be sharing my photos is that I can’t. My phone was stolen as I was walking along Yafo Street. Some old man came up behind me and tried to sell me a string of postcards. He was getting all up in my personal space, but I thought it was just because he really wanted to sell me postcards. I insisted that I didn’t want to buy any, and eventually he let me leave. As I kept walking down the street, I started to feel a little bad for not purchasing postcards from him. That is until I reached the next intersection and realized that my phone was…

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