Perks of college

I’ve only had two days of class this semester, but they were enough to remind me of the perks of being a college student (besides the student discounts, of course).

It pushes my boundaries.

After receiving feedback last semester on how monotone I sound when I speak, I decided that it would benefit me greatly to take a course called “Voice and Speech for the Actor.” I’ve heard really great things about the class, which is often overenrolled. I was fortunate enough to have made the cut, and so far the class seems pretty awesome and unlike anything else I’ve done before.

We spent the first day of class learning how to relax our entire bodies and to breathe the right way (btw, my clarinet teacher always nags me to do this, too). The instructor explained that we need to be open to inspiration not only intellectually, but also emotionally and instinctually. This semester, we will be working on intense concentration and relaxation combined with a complete commitment to play.

I was thrown back to my middle school days when I auditioned for the first and last time for our school play. I was so self-conscious of what I was doing that I pretty much laughed through the entire audition; as far I can recall, it wasn’t supposed to be a funny play. Anyway, this whole idea of “complete commitment to play” really resonated with me because it requires you to discard any feelings of self-consciousness and to instead be thoroughly absorbed by whatever you are doing in that moment. It’s a beautiful thing really, and I feel like I could benefit a lot from carrying around that attitude elsewhere in my life.

It brings together a diverse group of intelligent people.

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t all too thrilled about having to take the biology general institute requirement this semester. It’s known to be a class full of freshmen, and it also has nothing to do with my major.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the diverse make-up of my recitation section. Only about half the students were freshmen, and the other half consisted of juniors, seniors, graduate students, and even a student originally from the class of 1992, but who took time off and is now taking biology to complete his undergraduate degree. It was a nice reminder that everyone on campus brings a unique perspective and that it’s a privilege to learn alongside them.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on life in Cambridge, MA.

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