More theater lessons

I have learned something new about acting during every theater class I’ve had this semester. The best part is that many of these lessons are also applicable to the music sphere. In fact, certain ideas that have been previously elusive to me due to the limitations of terminology in the music domain have suddenly become crystal clear after drawing analogies from lessons in the acting domain.

  • Know your lines so well that you don’t have to think of them. Then, when you’re on stage, you can use all your energy to listen to the other characters.
  • Speak from the front of your head and not the back where your throat is.
  • There’s a difference between memorizing something and knowing it by heart.
  • The theatrical sphere of expression requires much bigger gestures than the pedestrian sphere of expression.
  • The fear of being over the top actually makes you more likely to appear silly.
  • The decisions you make as an actor are like dominos. Set them up in an interesting way, and the audience will love it. Set them up in a straight line, and the audience will get bored.
  • You can infuse a character’s point of view into a single word.